meet the fosters table of contents

The Nunley family will be growing soon so it was time to create a family tree. Come check it out when you have he time or if you are confused as to where everyone fits in. I have added a page with a list of the foster children 

  1. beginning a sims 4 foster child story
  2. needy children
  3. childhood aspirations
  4. figuring things out
  5. Isabel completes her aspiration
  6. teenagers
  7. more teens
  8. home from plum day
  9. keegan meets a girl
  10. happy new year
  11. family time
  12. serenity’s birthday
  13. Serenity elopes
  14. a new batch 
  15. getting to know each other
  16. we’re back 
  17. sister sarah
  18. sister mariah 
  19. Vicki Smith
  20. Emory Spencer
  21. Amanda Rosewood  
  22. Valerie Jenkins 
  23. Eva Spring
  24. Baylee Palmer
  25. a date with eva
  26. birthdays
  27. a spooky party
  28. out and about
  29. needs aspirations and elopement
  30. aging up 
  31. all those friends
  32. 2 parties
  33. New girls
  34. a lot going on
  35. love is in the air
  36. gardening and cooking club
  37. running a business
  38. weddings
  39. good date bad date
  40. growfruit
  41. planet sixam
  42. sugar skulls
  43. new girls

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