foster child challenge rules

after playing for several weeks now I finally decided on a rules or rather guidelines for play.

your objective is to raise 50 happy healthy foster children. there are 2 ways to get these foster children at the start up you can either adopt them or bring them from the gallery when creating you caretakers.

  1.  to start you will need one or 2 caretakers for your foster children you may create them get them from the gallery use a sim from another game you are playing these caretakers can come from just about anywhere.
  2. after you create your caretakers if you are using cas you may then use the random gallery option to bring in child sims you will need several to get started I did not set a limit as you know how many sims you can handle at a time
  3. when you are ready to choose your home you may use free realestate on cheat to pick a home of your choosing your home can come from the gallery if you so choose but it needs to be able to hold your family you may also build it
  4. if you did not get your children from the gallery then you must now adopt them here you can start with babies if you like
  5. you may only age up children upon receiving an a in school or completing their aspiration
  6. you may age teens up only when achieving an a in school or completing a teen job
  7. you may choose your traits or use a random trait generator I use the one designed by pinstar  for the legacy challenge here is a way to access the random trait generator
  8. as for cheating I have cheated needs but not money but it is your game  so play as you will because at the end of theday the object is to have fun

31 thoughts on “foster child challenge rules

  1. The only thing that bothers me is that I don’t know how to get anough money to be able to get the child so is it ok if I use the “rosebud” cheat for every child?

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  3. im a little bit confused so do you have to age up a child once they have gotten a grade a in school and then adopt a new baby or canyou just adopt one child after another and also do you have to adopt a baby or can you adopt a child sorry im so dumb

  4. I’m gonna give this challenge a try
    i’ve changed the rules a bit to make it a little harder since these rules are quite simple.

    My Rules:
    -normal lifespan
    -2 caretakers
    -can pick their traits but they must be opposites (e.g. if one is active the other must be lazy)
    -cannot start to foster children until the caretakers become best/good friends
    -both caretakers may have a job to start with, but once they start fostering, the caretaker with the higher status in a job must quit (if they are both at equal places you can decide or use a random number generator to pick)
    -the caretaker that quits their job can not join another career, but they can make money at home any way they please (selling art, writing books, etc)
    -can choose any number of kids to foster
    -teens and children may only age up on their birthdays or if they get an a in school.
    -you can move out kids once they become y/a but they may not be re-added back into the household.
    -once you have adopted the certain amount of foster children you want to start with, you may not adopt another kid until a child ages to a teen (unless your household is full, in that case you must wait for sims to move out.)
    -once one of the original caretakers die (from old age or by other means early on) the next generation starts with the child in the household that is currently the youngest (age wise not grade wise) once they become a y/a (if youngest child is not a y/a when one caretaker dies, the alive caretaker is not allowed to adopt any more children.)
    -they become the new caretaker
    -they person they know the least on their friends list (not a family member) must move in and become the second caretaker
    -again, they cannot start to foster kids until they are best/good friends
    -if one caretaker is still alive when the new generation takes over, you can move them off the lot or keep them. If you keep them on the lot they are not allowed to help take care of the next generations foster children.
    -Foster children do not count towards the goal until they have reached y/a.
    -foster childrens’ traits must be randomized.
    -caretakers may have romantic relationships, get married, and have kids, but none of their family members are allowed onto the lot, their children by blood do not count towards the total goal, and you can only go visit them when the foster children are in school.
    -caretakers can marry each other, but may not have kids of their own.
    -you may not use cas.fulleditmode to physically change a childs apperance (aka their weight, eye colour, skin colour.) Hair and clothes can be changed of course.
    -must adopt at least 2 boys and 2 girls each generation.
    -you may use other households as “foster donors”, they can have children that you can adopt and foster (since I dont know how often the children up for adoption are generated and added)
    -moved out foster children can be used for this too ^

    Extra optional rules:
    -no money cheats
    -each kid must have their own bedroom with, at the very least, a bed, 1 skill building item for a child and 1 for a teen (a bed and 2 skill building items)

    Goal: To foster a certain amount of children (players choice) in the fewest generations possible.

    I haven’t play tested this yet but its not so hard so if anyone chooses to try my rules you hopefully wont run into complications.

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