lots of playing

dear simmers I havnt had much energy to blog lately though I have been playing a lot. the nunleys have added 4 new fosters which I will update the foster list to accomidate them.  also sarah completed the gardening and grilled cheese aspiration. that one was really easy and fun to play. I may just complete all the aspirations in the game. Adalynn is a teen and a major  thief shes always swiping stuff wherever she goes.

the asylum is doing well although sandrina is constantly embarrassed from being discovered as an alien. when playing I follow scott to see what he does hes got some amazing dance moves. I wonder if real life scott does although he has a bad back. we are still working on out first aspiration.

the trulys were accidentally overwritten so I had to start them over.

I think that I would blog more if I had internet access at the house but with my depression its hard to get out of bed sometimes let alone venture out of the house.

have a great day simmers.

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