meet the patients

This weekend I started an asylum challenge. I decided to play with the rules on medium. for my first post I am going to introduce you to the patients.

First there is the main character that I am going to be playing Charlotte Rousse.



Charlotte is a slob of a music lover who aspires to be a musical genius.

She lived in Bridgeport for a few years and when she moved back to Oasis Springs she tried to convince everyone that vampires were real.

Next there is Tobias Winters he was created by @Maladi.



Tobias is a gloomy good sim who aspires to be a musical genius. He has a theory called the Gingistic theory where he thinks red haired sims get ubducted by aliens more often.

Then there is Loren Kearns.



Loren was created by @Munter_Bacon. He is a self assured romantic guy who wishes to be a party animal. He doesn’t know if he was a pirate in a past life or his current one he just does what the voices tell him and they say he is a plant.

Next I have Scott Blum. Scott was created after one of my co-workers that I like a lot.



Scott is out going and good. He also works way to much because he loves money he just needs to relax a bit. He aspires to be a renaissance sim.


Sandrina Mayla was created after my sister Sandra.



Sandrina is a jealous childish alien. She tried to kill herself after a long time boyfriend left. Sandrina aspires to be a serial romantic.

Then there is Cotton Candy.



Cotton was created almost a year ago  when get together first came out. aShe has been in the gallery ever since which made her insane. she is a dance machine insider who wants to be leader of the pack.

Next there is Kristin Willis.



Kristin ran away from home as a teen due to differences at home. She aspires to be a city native. She is a hot headed bookworm.

Last there is Josephine Davis.



Josephine is gender confused. His parents named him Joseph but he changed it to Josephine and started wearing ladies clothes. He is a clumsy kleptomaniac wo wants to be chief of mischief.

on medium mode two sims can get a job but it has to be in the criminal career. I chose Josephine and Sandrina for these sims.

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