Good date bad date

First I would like to say that Mariah went to adopt a new girl and found that there were only boys in the orphanage. She went to Eliza Pancakes to see if she would like to adopt a couple of them. Eliza said yes and adopted Cedric and Ellis.

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This made room in the orphanage for Adalynn which Mariah quickly took home.

Part of Lyrics aspiration is to go on 3 gold dates with her spouse. They decided to go to the bluffs.

There wasn’t much to see but they did find a bonfire.

They also saw a bush with heart flowers that they decided to have a little fun in.

After that Lyric grabbed Lucas and kissed him passionately.

Then they found some seats near the pool to chat just before the date ended with gold status.

For their second date they headed to the von haunt estate.

Lucas found a couple of knights to chat with along with a pretty girl. Turns out the grey knight is his brother Wolfgang or Spike as I call him.

Lyric found a group of guys to chat with. She even decided to flirt with Geoffrey. The other guy was shocked to see 2 married people flirting.

After that she decided to read the signs on the exhibits around the mansion. She was amazed at what they said. Haunted no one living should sleep in the beds there. What did that mean? But then during a chess game with a knight she turned to see the ghost of Mimsy standing behind her.

Having never seen a ghost before she asked her to play a game of chess. Mimsy was kind and they even chatted about woohoo. Lyric told her about the bush and Mimsy told her about a rocket ship with her husband.

Soon they were surrounded by spectators for no one really believed the mansion was haunted.

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