Baylee decided it was time to marry Spike. She invited a few close friends to the garden of love built by JamieSara22.

wedding 1


There was Emory, Vicki, Delilah, Lucas, Valerie, and of course Sugar.

wedding 2 .jpg


Sugar immediately went to the piano to play the wedding march.

wedding 3


Baylee and Spike stood under the arch to wait for the guests to be seated.

wedding 4

new home

After the wedding Baylee moved in with Spike and his Family. Turns out he lives with his mother and 2 brother.

wedding 5

woo hoo

They decided to try for a baby.

wedding 6

cow plant

Meanwhile back on the home lot Amanda tried to feed the cow plant. The plant refused to eat and later died.

wedding 7.jpg


Delilah took to talking to herself in the mirror. She has already completed her aspiration and is currently working to get an A in school.

wedding 8


Lyric was not to happy that she was not invited to the wedding.

wedding 9


Gianna came to visit and Sarah tried to blend with her.

wedding 10


Then Sarah tried to blend with Dakota. I love this glitch I hope it never gets fixed.

wedding 11


A few days after Baylee was wed she gave birth to Joyce. She quickly aged her up.

wedding 12


Lyric had Lucas over to discuss weather they wanted to get married or not.

wedding 13


Lucas decided it was time to age up so he and Lyric could get married.

wedding 14.jpg


Lyric proposed to Lucas who of course said yes.

wedding 15


They stepped out onto the porch where they decided to elope. Lucas moved in with the household until Lyric completes her aspiration.

Amanda and Emory have finally completed their aspirations and have moved o Oakenstead with Vicki.

Have a great day simmers.

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