running a business

The day before Baylee Married Spike the household decided to try and run a business. They purchased a store crudely built by Simlady36 called simsmart.

store 1

watching a movie

Simlady36 decided to put a movie theater in the store. Everyone watched movies all day so the family decided to set the chairs and screen for sale.

store 2 .jpg

coffee shop

The next thing the household did was hire a bistro to run the coffee shop.

store 3

hiring an employee

When Baylee’s movie was over she decided it was time to hire an employee to help with the store. Gianna Carlson was the first applicant so she was hired. Gianna is also one of the regular customers.

store 4

ringing up a sale

Not only was Gianna our first applicant she was our first customer. She bought one of the gnomes.

store 5

more customers

After Gianna left the store became busy. This guy is purchasing a coat rack.

store 6


When Baylee got a minute to take a break she sat down to watch a movie with a ice cream cone.

store 7


After her break things got very busy. She had a very hard time answering questions and ringing up sales and Gianna hadn’t yet started work.

store 8

new day

The next day it was Emory and Amanda’s turn to run the store. Te first thing Emory did was take inventory.

store 9


Then Emory restocked all the items that were sold. Then she hired Sugar to run the coffee shop.

store 10

lazy employee

That Gianna started work. She watched movies instead of working. We finally figured out how to give her some tasks to perform.

store 11


We told Gianna to clean the store.

store 12

movie time

Later Emory sat down with the customers to watch a movie. Amanda brought some paintings from home to sell in the store and they are very popular.

Have a great day simmers.

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