gardening and cooking club

01-01-16_10-58-01 PM

Cathy Tea

Sarah decided to start a gardening club since the garden is really large and her friends can help. Some of her friends are able to give her advice about gardening.

01-01-16_11-00-49 PM

Ana Pringle and Sugar Maple Bough

The members of the club are Sarah, Cathy Tea, Ana Pringle, the famous Sugar Maple Bough, and Rory Gilmore.

01-23-16_12-16-05 PM

ready to garden

01-23-16_12-35-54 PM


When they club isn’t gardening they dance. Ana has some amazing moves. They also paint.  Rory often leaves paintings on the easels around the house.

01-01-16_11-51-15 PM

Cathrine and Mariah

Mariah started a cooking club to mentor her friends. She added Cathrine, Exo, Sabreene, and Karen One twothree. They love to bake white cakes.

In the next post the family experiments with running a store. and then Baylee and Lyric get married. I have both of these posts ready to be written but have to go get ready for work. Will try and get them up later this week providing I have time.

have a great day simmers.

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