love is in the air

Baylee maxed handiness and I sent her and Lyric to granite falls along with the Munch boys.

12-30-15_9-45-31 PM

who’s who

Before Baylee went to granite falls Delilah had a club meeting with the Paragons. They only want to drink coffee, try on outfits, and be mean to the renegades. Since Amanda is a renegade she later quit the group and joined some cooking club.

12-31-15_7-37-14 PM


Baylee worked hard at maxing her handiness skill. She had to find a way to the forgotten grotto.

12-31-15_8-20-06 PM


After maxing handiness Baylee traveled to the oasis springs park where she found a boarded up cave. She pulled the boards loose.

12-31-15_8-20-46 PM

to the grotto

After the boards were removed she entered the cave.

12-31-15_8-24-28 PM


Once inside there were places to look for frogs.

12-31-15_8-25-22 PM

more frogs

There were also a few harvestable plants as well as some digable rocks.

12-31-15_8-27-05 PM


There was also a fishing spot. Here she managed to catch the remaining fish she needed to complete the collection. Baylee is officially the curator. My next plan for her is to have her marry Spike and move out.

12-31-15_8-59-28 PM


When Baylee returned from the grotto she found both Sarah and Amanda talking to the trees in the garden. Sarah has long since completed her painter extraordinaire aspiration and is working on freelance botanist.

12-31-15_9-04-59 PM

granite falls

A little while later Baylee, Lyric, Lucas, and Spike arrived in granite falls. Here Lyric started her aspiration to find her soul mate by asking Lucas to be her boyfriend.

12-31-15_9-06-42 PM


Baylee decided to get to know Spike a bit better.

12-31-15_9-08-36 PM

more food

Soon everyone was chatting over some grilled cheese.

12-31-15_9-18-23 PM

first kiss

Soon after Baylee started flirting with Spike and before you knew it they had their first kiss.

12-31-15_9-19-32 PM

woo hoo

Which led to some amazing woo hoo.

12-31-15_9-20-48 PM.jpg


They really do like each other.

12-31-15_9-21-13 PM.jpg


She asked him to be her boyfriend. Of course he said yes.

12-31-15_9-21-42 PM

marry me

Baylee proposed to him. At first he rejected her but she was determined to get him to say yes. After the third try finally he agreed.

12-31-15_9-28-37 PM.jpg

3rd time

Next time Baylee gets married. Amanda and Emory move out. We start some clubs with the blogaversary party guests. And Lucas may move in. Also the teens will age up. Maybe we will even get a new kid or 2.

Have a great day simmers. see ya soon.








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