Lydia moves in

Today I started my life of Lydia Mods story. I moved her into widenburg. My goal for her is to have her max as many skills as possible and have her reach  top level in all careers and complete all aspirations.

The first thing I did after moving her in was remove the ugly wall in her living room.

12-27-15_11-46-04 PM

what is this

12-28-15_6-03-53 PM


Then Lydia met her neighbor Joquin or something like that. He was so boring.

12-28-15_6-06-44 PM


Then after awhile she got the whim to hug him.

12-28-15_6-08-45 PM


Then she had the whim to kiss him. She has the serial romantic aspiration to start with so she has a lot of romantic whims.

12-28-15_6-55-35 PM

closet woo hoo

Just for fun she decided to try the closet woo hoo feature. She ended up with the whim to ask someone to go steady so she asked him to be her boyfriend. She even went on a date with him. She has one more date to go to complete step one of her aspiration.

My goal is the romance aspirations first them the family one. Lets see what happens next.


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