alot going on

In the 2 weeks since my last post a lot has happened as I finally had some time to play.

Amanda decided to express her dislike of children in painting. She painted a painting we call monster child. She currently needs to paint those 5 masterpieces to complete her aspiration then she will be moving in with Vicki.

12-20-15_4-20-24 PM


Lyric worked hard on completing her childhood aspiration. She became friends with a little girl named Elsa.

12-20-15_4-21-12 PM

Elsa and Lyric

12-20-15_4-27-26 PM


Lyric also worked at getting an A in school. She achieved both goals.

12-20-15_4-44-17 PM


Delilah spent hours playing keyboard commander in order to max her motor skill even though she had the artistic prodigy aspiration.

12-20-15_4-46-26 PM

Amanda paints Delilah

Even though Amanda hates children she couldn’t resist painting the beautiful Delilah. We later sold all of the painting as we were broke and most of them you couldn’t tell who painted them anymore.

12-20-15_4-47-49 PM

bustin moves

12-20-15_4-47-35 PM

bustin moves

Mariah learned the new dance skill. Guess she isn’t to old to bust a few moves.

12-20-15_5-11-09 PM.png


Baylee worked hard at completing her aspiration. she found every plant in her world as well as oasis springs. She even ran into Ana along the way.

12-20-15_5-53-55 PM


Dakota followed Baylee to the park so she could cross the monkey bars 3 times.

12-26-15_6-15-37 PM


Baylee mastered the fishing skill and currently is missing one fish in granite falls and the fish from the oasis springs hidden area.

12-26-15_7-51-03 PM


After Lyric met the requirements to become a teen we threw a party and invited the sims of Umbridge manor. Rory came and went straight to painting.

12-26-15_7-53-07 PM


We even invited Spike and Lucas after all we had plans of aging them up with Lyric.

12-26-15_7-53-47 PM

candle time

Soon it was time for Lyric to blow out the candles.

12-26-15_8-35-06 PM


Then Lucas took his turn.

12-26-15_8-35-47 PM

teen lucas

Lucas grew into a handsome teen.

12-26-15_8-37-24 PM


Then spike took is turn. The girl in pink shorts is teen Lyric.

12-26-15_8-39-07 PM

garden chat

After Lucas aged up Lyric got to work on her aspiration to find her soulmate. She decided Lucas would do.

12-26-15_8-48-24 PM

first kiss

When we are ready we will be moving Lucas in for awhile for Lyric to complete her aspiration.

12-26-15_9-17-56 PM


Baylee has been building her handiness skill so she can get into the hidden area in oasis springs.

12-26-15_9-41-14 PM


Baylee set out to water the tree in willow creek.

12-26-15_9-42-45 PM.jpg


After Baylee watered and talked to the tree a door opened.

12-26-15_9-48-39 PM


Baylee decided to fish in the hidden are and she caught quite a few fish.

12-26-15_10-13-49 PM

fixing things

When she got home everything was broken. We had more than 10 broken objects because Amanda took to sabotaging everything she could.

12-27-15_9-41-58 PM


Delilah decided to work on her aspiration. She did eventually complete it.

12-27-15_10-19-50 PM


I sent Amanda and Emory out to view art at the gallery but Emory was more interested in mixing drinks.

12-27-15_10-20-18 PM

viewing art

I finally got Emory and Amanda to view the art together.

12-27-15_10-25-20 PM

more mixology

When they got home Emory went back to mixing drinks.

12-27-15_10-28-27 PM

Delilah’s birthday

When Delilah and Dakota aged up we did not have a party we just baked a cake and had the blow out the candles.

12-27-15_10-28-35 PM

candle time

12-27-15_10-32-10 PM

Teen Delilah

Delilah rolled the leader of the pack aspiration which will go great with her insider trait.

12-27-15_12-09-19 AM

broken sink

Baylee is always fixing something.

I didn’t get any screenshots of Dakotas birthday. Also Delilah joined the paragons for part of her adult aspiration.

next time some of the girls move out and Lucas moves in.

have a great day simmers see ya soon.




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