New girls

The Nunleys are on a new computer in a new save. All the party guests decided to stay in town and I Simlady36 decided to move in with them. I hope to see everyone around town. One of the changes to the party guest household is Rory is no longer elder. I turned aging off in the new save as I didn’t want anyone dying for old age. The other changes are that Vicki, Valerie, and Eva no longer have completed aspirations but I chose to go ahead and put them in the home I had them in prior to the new computer. Valerie and Eva were forced to return Charlee and instead have Jasmine.

12-12-15_10-45-48 PM

Valerie and Eva’s new daughter Jasmine.



12-12-15_10-57-26 PM

Amanda and Emory

Amanda and Emory continue to paint. Amanda hates children and she knows that 3 new girls are coming.

12-12-15_11-01-36 PM


The fist new girl to arrive was Lyric. She is a cheerful social butterfly.

12-12-15_11-05-52 PM

Next to arrive was Delilah

Delilah had the new get together insider trait. So she immediately decided to see what clubs are in town. She wants to be a artistic prodigy.

12-12-15_11-06-55 PM


Delilah arrived on her birthday so she drank a youth potion. I forgot aging was off.

12-12-15_11-13-26 PM


Dakota and her self assured self came with the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

12-13-15_1-12-40 AM.png

Sarah and Emory decided to help Dakota with her homework.

12-13-15_1-29-45 AM


After school Baylee took all the girls  to the park.

12-13-15_1-32-08 AM

self assured

Little Dakota is really showing how self assured she is.

12-13-15_1-35-56 AM

glitches are my favorite screenshots

Jasmine can stick her head through Baylee’s stomach to chat with Delilah.

12-13-15_1-37-53 AM


Lyric and Dakota decided to get the pirate.

12-13-15_1-39-56 AM.png


Baylee makes a good pirate. She never shows her mean streak anymore.

12-13-15_1-40-46 AM.png


While we were there a young teen showed up with his brother Lucas. The teens name is Wolfgang Munch but he reminds me so much of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer I think I will call him Spike. Maybe I will age him up so he can marry Baylee.

12-13-15_1-42-21 AM




Wonder if Lucas will like Lyric.

12-13-15_1-45-45 AM.png

best friends

Lyric and Dakota are on the way to becoming best friends.

12-13-15_1-51-34 AM


After the girls went to school Baylee set out digging rocks. We do have a competed collection as I downloaded a room from the gallery that had all the decorative eggs in it.

12-13-15_1-57-54 AM.png


When she arrived home she was so tired she fell asleep in front of the T.V.

12-13-15_2-15-54 AM.png


Sarah has learned to take photos of the girls to paint them from reference.

Next time will we run into the party guests. Also everyone’s phone is ringing constantly. Amanda even got a call from some random sim to join a group.

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