2 parties

Last year at this time I started my blog with the first post to my meet the fosters story. This weekend the Nunley household decided to have a blog party. They chose to have 2 spooky parties.

11-22-15_6-04-02 PM.png

why must I talk to the mirror

The first step was to have Vicki complete her aspiration by achieving level 10 of charisma.

11-22-15_6-05-27 PM.png

eva to

Eva also decided to complete her aspiration.

11-27-15_3-18-09 PM.png


After Vicki completed her aspiration she head over to Oakenstead to wait for the arrival of the party guests. First there was Cathy Tea, Karen123, and Rory Gilmore.

11-27-15_3-18-27 PM

Then there was the famous Sugar Maple Bough and Ninja Pig. Sugar immediately decided to show off her guitar skills to Ninja.

11-27-15_3-18-46 PM.png

Ana Pringle even decided to come. Ana decided to relax alone by the t.v.

11-27-15_3-19-20 PM

Lastly there was Sabreene. Sabreene decided to use the computer.

11-27-15_3-19-41 PM

look at sugar

Later Sugar Ninja and Karen decided to join Ana. Sugar had to lean way forward to get a good view of the tv from where she was sitting.

11-27-15_3-38-26 PM.png


Later on Rory aged into elder all on her own.

11-27-15_8-40-34 PM.png

lets meet the guests

Later the rest of the household headed over to meet the guests.

11-27-15_8-45-28 PM.png


They enjoyed a nice chat with Rory and Ana.

11-27-15_10-00-42 PM.png


11-28-15_3-30-01 PM.png

party time

Soon it was party time. Everyone headed to the Nunley residence at Parkshore. Sugar and Cathy dressed as big Llamas.

11-28-15_3-31-59 PM.png


Karen decided to carve a pumpkin.

11-28-15_3-32-30 PM.png




Ana decided to go dancing with Sarah and Mariah.

11-28-15_3-33-15 PM.png


Baylee had a nice chat with some of the guests.

11-28-15_3-34-02 PM

computer time

Cathy decided to head for the computer to catch up on the stories she is reading.

11-28-15_3-35-39 PM.png

think ill just merge my body with yours

Vicki thought it would be cool to share a body with the mixologist. If that’s not spooky I don’t know what is.


11-28-15_3-38-27 PM.png

llama dance

Later Sugar carved a pumpkin while Cathy danced. The party ended before sugar completed her pumpkin so we did not earn a medal. We decided to have a second party.

11-29-15_1-00-20 PM.png


At the start of the second party Everyone decided to go dancing.

11-29-15_1-10-00 PM.png


Valerie decided to work on her aspiration. What better place to perform those romantic interactions then the bathroom.

11-29-15_1-10-47 PM.png

what a kiss

Valerie and Eva even shared a very passionate kiss.


11-29-15_12-53-54 PM.png

ana and cathy

Ana and Cathy had a blast dancing with Eva. During the dance Cathy decided to say a few words about the blog.

CathyTea: Simlady! Congratulations on having your blog for a year! What a wonderful accomplishment. I’ve so enjoyed reading about your Sims and Sim families, and of course, I’m so grateful that you created the Foster Child challenge. It’s one of my favorites! I also really enjoyed getting to know your SimSelf and Mariah and Sarah and their kids at the events I’ve held that they’ve come to. Your stories are so full of fun, mishaps, romance, and adventure! And a lot of affection, too. I really enjoy reading them, and I hope I’m able to continue to read them for years to come! Thanks for letting me come celebrate!

11-29-15_12-56-27 PM.png


Sugar gathered in the dining room to say a few words about the blog.

Sugar said. “Thank you so much for having me here. Thank you for writing your families’ stories. It’s an honor and a privilege to have stories written about you–and I enjoy being able to read about your Sims to help me better understand the experience of being a Sim! Also, I’m really glad to get to have a chance to join this party!”

11-29-15_12-57-16 PM.png

elder chat

Rory and Mariah chatted about how their lives have been over the years.

11-29-15_2-27-31 PM.png



When the party was over the household had earned gold. The guests decided to purchase the house at Umbridge manor to decided weather they were going to stay in town or head back to the gallery. We know Sugar and CathyTea are staying but we are unsure of the others. Valerie and Eva decided to adopt a daughter Charlee and move into their own place. Vicki will stay at Oakenstead to run a home for young women.

Sugar  and CathyTea’s words are courtesy of CathyTea. Have a great week simmers we will see you next week hopefully.

4 thoughts on “2 parties

  1. What an amazing time we all had! So many parties! Yay for Sugar and thank you for having my Simself participate – it was so fun meeting everyone and celebrating such a momentous occasion for you! Looking forward to your 2nd Blogaversary! 🙂

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