All those friends

Well Valerie and Eva headed out to make those 20 friends. They took Baylee with them as she wanted to find some rocks to dig.

friends 1

Hi don and Bella

Vicki ran into Don Lothario. She Thought he was super cute until she found out he wants to be a serial romantic. Her player talks to her sims and she told Vicki that a serial romantic will only break her heart.

friends 2

what will I find

Baylee set out digging rocks. She needs 5 gems and so far she has found 0.

friends 3

Fishing is so boring

After digging all the rocks Baylee could find she deim cided to try fishing.

friends 4

think ill just run

Vicki decided she wasn’t going to take her chances with Don so she ran to get him off her mind.

friends 5


Meanwhile Eva set out to make her own friends.

friends 6

hi everyone

Soon she was surrounded by people. After all she is super friendly.

friends 7.jpg


Soon Vicki and Eva had become friends with everyone at the gym so they headed to the museum.

friends 9

Hi all

Vicki was getting tired so she sat down to rest and let the others come to her.

friends 10

HI Eliza and Alice

Eva met Eliza and Alice.

friends 11

best friends

Soon both girls had made 20 friends and all that was left was for Vicki to make a bff. She chose Eva. Now they both just need to reach level 10 of charisma.

Don’t forget about the blogaversary next weekend all guests will be staying at oakenstead with Vicki. If your sims would like to attend just let me know who you are sending and where to find them. have a great week

2 thoughts on “All those friends

  1. So, you kept her away from Don, huh? And congrats on reaching 20 friends with both girls!

    I’ve been working on getting loner Nathanael to make 20 friends and it’s taking forever!

  2. I had to give them the super friendly trait and take them off the home lot to do it. And yes Vicki does not need a broken heart because she fell in love with a serial romantic.

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