Aging up

Well the whole house has been in a race to complete their aspirations. The household has gotten a call from the social worker saying there is a new batch of fosters ready for them.  Baylee has been digging into those rocks.

Vicki and Eva are working on making those friends. They both have the super friendly reward trait.

aging up 2

Vicki is finally friends with everyone in the household.

aging up 4

Emory loves to paint and will paint without direction from me.

aging up 3

Since it was Mariah and Sarah’s birthday and all the girls had earned an A in school Mariah baked a zombie cake.

aging up 5

Mariah went first blowing out the candles followed by Sarah.

aging up 6

aging up 7

Then they decided to throw a birthday party for the girls. Marah catered as she had to prepare 3 gourmet meals at a single event.

aging up 8

Soon it was time for Amanda and Baylee to blow out the candles.

aging up 9

aging up 10

Vickis friend i forgot her name was there to cheer Baylee on.

When it came Emory’s turn to blow out the candles Mariah decided she wanted another turn and blew out Emory’s candles becoming an elder. When the party ended Emory finally got to blow out the candles.

In the next post i will tell you what traits each girl earned. Sorry i didnt get any screenshots of Mariahs second time at the cake or Emory and the candles.

Have a great week simmers see you soon.

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