needs aspirations and elopement

Well after everyone got home from going out on the town I finally had to do something with their needs. The first thing was to get everyone to bed.

needs 1

needs 2

needs 4

needs 3

Baylee chose to multi task her hygiene and sleep need.

needs 5

When the household started to wake up Maria fixed some garlic noodles to fill the hunger need.

needs 6

Them Mariah sat down at the computer to chat since her social need was low. Im not sure how this happened with a full house. I Guess even in a house full we sometimes get lonely.

needs 7

After Mariah’s social need was full she chose to drink a cup of instant fun while everyone else watched TV.

needs 8

Once their needs were full the family decided to work on some aspirations. Sarah, Amanda, and Emory began painting.


Sarah is trying to paint 10 excellent paintings but instead she painted a masterpiece.


Amanda and Emory are working on painting for 5 hours and starting 3 paintings while inspired.

aspirations 2

aspirations 4

Vicki is working on having 12 friends so she set out chatting with everyone.

aspirations 3

It seems no matter how green her relationship bar is with Mariah they remain neither friend or foe.

aspirations 1

Later Eva and Valerie have both achieved an A in school which meant they got to have a birthday. Mariah made a cake and they blew out the candles.




After blowing out their candles Eva and Valerie went down to the spooky room for some privacy. Eva decided to propose to Valerie.

marry me 2


Both  girls decided to just get married as they are already soulmates.


elope 2

elope 3

After the wedding Valerie was so happy she decided to dance to some Shania Twain.


The next morning everyone had leftover cake for breakfast.


We are now going to decide what to do next. Have a great week simmers and a happy spooky day.

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