out and about

Today I let my sims leave the home lot I rarely do this because of the loading screens. They started at the Willow creek archives as Sarah had to view three pieces of art at a museum.

10-25-15_12-22-53 PM

10-25-15_12-24-23 PM

whats the best pieces to view

Upon arrival Sarah sat down to chat with some of the other patrons.

eva chats

Eva decided to introduce herself to this guy after she and Vicki had to introduce themselves to sims in 3 different locations.

Valerie grabbed a drink from somewhere and then joined Eva in chatting with the guy.

eva where did you go

eva where did you go

val and eva

Vicki met this beauty Janine or Jamie something like that upstairs.


Sarah finally decided to start looking at the art.


After completing the steps to their aspirations they headed to the blue velvet night club. When the arrived they had all kinds of complaints. Vicki was hungry Valerie had to pee.

blue velvet

When they got inside Sarah and Valerie decided to dance to some Kid Rock Only God Knows Why.

sarah dances

valerie dances

Eva sat down at a dirty table to chat. She met Travis Scott.

eva and travis

Vicki decided to grab some wings at the bar where she met Don Lothario.

vicki and don

wow don my player says you remind her of her longtime friend Jimmy. hes afraid of commitment too.

After Vicki finished eating she and Don decided to dance to Brad Paisley’s Ticks.

vicki and don 2

By midnight everyone’s plumbbobs were turning red from exhaustion.

going home

Everyone arrive with images of beds over their heads on the front lawn.


Vicki being the only one who wasn’t tired decided to do the dishes.


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