A spooky party

After Valerie and Eva finished their homework in the only quiet place in the house. They decided to plan a spooky party with just the household.

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Mariah did all the cooking as she has to cook 10 excellent meals.

Meanwhile Sarah was painting and painted a beautiful lady.

Amanda and Emory also decided to paint so they could get started on their aspirations.

Once the party started Sarah showed up as a white fairy.

Mariah showed up as a. Knight.

Vicki showed as a star wars character. She’s angry because someone else chose the same costume.

Baylee showed up as a witch.

Amanda came as a yellow fairy. She is sad because she doesn’t like yellow but it’s the only one that came in her size.

Valerie also showed up as a knight.

Emory is happy to be the star wars character even if she has no clue what one she is.

Who am I

Eva showed up as a rockstar.

One of the tasks was to carve pumpkins. Eva did the honors.

Then she danced to music.

After the party was over Sarah went back to painting.

Emory passed out. Ending the day. Next time the household goes out and about.

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