Mariah need to earn silver at a dinner party for her aspiration. The family decided to have one and age everyone up then as it was very close to all the kids birthday. The younger one had all completed their aspiration and Vicki had earned an A in school.  First Mariah baked a blue confetti cake. She ended up baking three as some plum sim kept taking a slice before she could get the candles on.

birthdays (1)

First up to blow out her candles was Amanda. She rolled creative as her teen trait with painter extrodinaire as her aspiration.

birthdays (2)

she grew up quite beautiful

she grew up quite beautiful

Next up was Baylee. She rolled romantic for her teen trait with the collector aspiration.

birthdays (3)

a mean romantic should be interesting

a mean romantic should be interesting

Then Emory took her turn. She rolled bro as her teen trait with painter extraordinaire as her aspiration. Fitting that both artistic prodigies would roll this aspiration. Emory also gained huge lips and a large bubble butt.

birthdays (4)

Last to blow out the candles was Vicki. She rolled clumsy for her final trait. She has not decided if she will move into the Oakenstead home for young women before or after she completes her aspiration.

birthdays (5)

Shortly after the party there was a fire.

birthdays (6)

Poor Valerie got caught in the flames and barely survived. I am not sure how i would have handled a death by accident in the challenge so i am glad she is okay.

birthdays (7)

charred but alive

Eva had not yes achieved an A in school so she was forced to drink youth potion and reset her teen days for more time.

birthdays (8)

Mariah gave her a hug and assured her everything would be fine.

birthdays (9)

Valerie happily drank her youth potion to stay the same age as Eva.

birthdays (10)

Then she and Vicki took a selfie.

birthdays (11)

Vicki cleaned up after the party and fire.

birthdays (14)

birthdays (15)

birthdays (16)

Sarah gave her a hug to thank her.

birthdays (17)

thank you for all your help with the housework.

Have a great weekend simmers. Maybe next time we will have a spooky party.

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