Vicki Smith

Vicki is one of the teens in the household. She is a materialistic snob. She was found in the gallery and created by Jennifer9224. Thank you for allowing me to use her.

After school Vicki does her homework because she know getting an A is important. She currently has a B.



more homework

more homework

Vicki helps with the housework quite often. She even auto scrubs the bathtub.

vicki (2)

Vicki even helps with all those dishes.

these dishes never end

these dishes never end

After all that housework Vicki takes the time for herself to work on her aspiration. She stepped out on the sidewalk to introduce herself to everyone who walks by. After all she needs to introduce herself to 10 sims.

hi i'm Vicki

hi i’m Vicki

When she got back inside she stopped to chat with Mariah about school and the sims she met on the street.

vicki (6)

Vicki continues to do housework when she sees something that needs done she just does it.

this is disgusting

this is disgusting

Sarah’s park friend Jeffrey Ewing came by for a visit. We learned he is evil. I don’t think he will be back.

vicki (8)

Vicki decided the whole household is a slob after she cleaned up trash in the dining room.

you sims are slobs

you sims are slobs

Vicki sat down to ask Sarah what she thought about the relationship between Valerie and Eva. Sarah told it was good as long as it was a healthy one. The relationship information is in the Valerie post.

vicki (10)

Have a great week simmers.

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