Valerie Jenkins

Valerie was found in the gallery and is a romantic foodie who aspires to be a soulmate. She was created by PummelBob321. Thanks for letting me use her.

Valerie has to find her soulmate so while Vicki was introducing herself to everyone Valerie stepped out to meet Malcolm. She even offered him a rose. Vicki couldn’t believe she did that.

want a rose

want a rose

When Valerie went back inside she sat down to chat with Eva. Eva was painting a flirty painting.

valerie (2)

When Eva finished her painting she and Valerie had a nice chat.

valerie (3)

Things got a little steamy when Valerie realized she was attracted to Eva.

valerie (4)

Valerie does her own dishes when she Finishes eating.

valerie (5)

She even broke the sink.

Valerie (6)

you broke the sink Val

Valerie and Vicki Became friends today. I hope to build some relationships within the rest of the household soon.

valerie (7)

Valerie really likes Eva so she decided to show her her game on her phone.

valerie (8)

This led to some flirting and then to a first kiss.

valerie (9)

sarah has no clue shes to busy watching tv

After the kiss Valerie asked Eva to be her girlfriend. Valerie has now completed the part of her aspiration to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

she said yes

she said yes

Now Valerie and Eva are auto making out.

valerie (11)

Valerie currently has a B soon to be A. She will wait for Eva to age up to YA to move out. Valerie will age up soon.

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