Eva Spring

Eva was found in the gallery and is a good bro who aspires to be a friend of the world. I could not find her again to find out who created her but thank you anyways.

Eva and Vicki like to do homework together on some occasions. I;m concerned that Eva will not achieve an A before her birthday rolls around. If she does not she will drink youth potion until she does.

eva (1)

Eva joined Vicki and Valerie on the sidewalk to work on her aspiration like Vicki she needs to introduce herself to 10 sims.

hi im eva

hi im eva

Eva likes to watch the romance channel while everyone else sleeps.

eva (3)

Eva took a nap after painting a flirty painting and chatting with Valerie.

eva (4)

Vicki stopped by to congradulate Eva on her new relationship with Valerie.

eva (5)

The teen girls are such great friends.

eva (6)

Have a great day simmers.

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