Emory Spencer

Emory was created by Serabee and found in the gallery. She came with her own sad story that she lost her parents in a tragic accident. Emory is a creative artistic prodigy. Thank you for allowing me to use her.

After Emory finishes her homework for the day Emory spends time working on her aspiration. She currently has an A in school.

Emory (1)

first step draw 2 drawing while inspired

Emory spends alot of time building her creative skill. She could just play the typing game until level 9 of the motor shill then she would max creative fast but she prefers the hard way.

emory (2)

Emory completed phase 2 of her aspiration and is on phase 3.

these toys are awesome

these toys are awesome

Emory has played violin so much she is now level 10 creative.

level 10 yippee

level 10 yippee

The only thing left for her to do is draw all 5 types of drawings on the art table.

just 4 to go

just 4 to go

Emory will be aging into teen the next time i play along with several others in the household.

Have a great day simmers.

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