Amanda Rosewood

Amanda was found in the gallery and was created by chajaRedbird. She is a cheerful artistic prodigy.

Amanda likes to wait till bedtime to do her homework. Amanda currently holds an A.  She sits on her bed. I like the lock door feature. I was able to lock all the bedroom doors for a specific sim.

amanda (1)

Since Amanda likes to wait to do her homework she works on her aspiration after school. To get the sims to do anything while inspired i have them cloudgaze.

those 2 drawing while inspired

those 2 drawing while inspired

When evil Jeffrey came to visit Amanda and Emory spent some time hanging out with him.

amanda (3)

oh your evil

Amanda has completed phase 2 of her aspiration and is currently working on phase 3.

what fun

what fun

Amanda has maxed creative skill. She has also played violin for 5 hours.

amanda (5)

All that’s left for her to do is draw those 5 different drawings.

3 to go

3 to go

Amanda is one of the sims aging up soon. I can’t wait to see her as a teen.

Have a good day simmers.

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