sister sarah

I have decided to do a post dedicated to each sim in the household. the first one stars Sarah Nunley. Sarah aspires to be a painter extrodinare and is a creative family oriented art lover.

09-07-15_3-00 PM-2

A typical day in the life of Sarah goes like this. After the kids leave for school she takes care of her basic needs. then she heads to the balcony to paint.

09-07-15_3-02 PM

check out freezer bunny

Here she has painted the freezer bunny.

09-07-15_3-08 PM

what a beautiful landscape

09-07-15_3-11 PM

When the kids arrive home she directs them to do their homework. She doesn’t care where they sit.

09-07-15_3-13 PM

Baylee Valerie and Eva

Baylee Valerie and Eva chose to sit on the couch in front of the t.v.



Vicki chose a desk in one of the bedrooms.

09-07-15_3-14 PM

Amanda chose to sit on the bed. Poor little Emory was so tired after school that she passed out.

09-07-15_3-15 PM

After homework is complete Sarah takes the time to ask the children about their day.

09-07-15_3-16 PM

Then its time to do that never ending stack of dishes.

09-07-15_3-17 PM

After dishes are done she calls the kids to the delicious energized meal Mariah left before she headed to work.

09-07-15_3-22 PM

After dinner she helps any child with that has not yet completed their homework. Here it is little Emory. Before heading to bed she took the time to lock the doors to the bedrooms that the children chose for themselves. Now only the person whose room that it is can enter. Everyone needs their privacy.

Next time i will dedicate a post to sister Mariah.

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