New friends

After Jessica met Bella and Mortimer on the street in front of the small park where Jessica makes her home the trio ventured in to chat.

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Mortimer explored the bathroom while Bella and Jessica chatted. Jessica explained that she had no home and therefore had purchased a tent to sleep in. Bella apologized for eating in front of her. Bella seemed to understand Jessica’s situation and gave her a hug. Bella told her she was welcome at the Goth mansion any time.

nice bathroom

Soon Bella’s daughter Cassie joined them. She was not as understanding as Bella had been.

your homeless thats disgusting

Soon Bella had to leave but Cassie stayed to chat.

After awhile Jessica grew bored with the conversation and whipped out her cell phone to play brick bloc.

After everyone left Jessica grilled up some hot dogs.



Then it was time for bed. Even though Jessica is sleeping in a tent she is happy. Her current whims are to hug someone, buy a toy, and build a pool. We will have to see if she can get the parks department to build the pool.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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