We’re back

After a long period in the gallery the Nunleys have returned. They have moved to the parkshore house in willow creek. They have decided that the home would be a home for girls only.

we have 3 teen girls and 3 child girls what are we going to do

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Sarah and Mariah sat down to discuss strategy in raising the kids. Then everyone gathered in the living room to visit.

hi everyone

Mariah noticed that the kids were getting hungry so she went to fix them breakfast. While she was cooking Vicki and Eva got a little playful.

get your hands off me

When breakfast was ready the teen girls gathered in the kitchen to chat.

Later Sarah joined Vicki and Eva in the kitchen to chat about their first day at a new school.

After school Valerie grilled up some burgers.

Emory took a nap on the couch after all it had been a long day.

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