So most people know me as simlady36. Some of you have met my simself Catherine Henry but did you know that I am a real person to.

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My given name is Catherine Faye Henry. It turns out that I am a fifth generation in a legacy started by my great great grandparents Yeoshua Lieb and Annie Cohen.

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They went on to have a daughter named Rachel Cohen. She married Harris Shulman.

Great grandma Rachel and great grandpa Harris went on to have a daughter they named Fannie Shulman but she went by Faye.Grandma Faye married Max Farber.

Grandma Faye and grandpa Max had my mother Gail Farber.

My mom Gail grew up.

She married my dad Jess Henry.

Yep he’s a grumpy old man these days. They hade cathrine.

I have begun generation six with my son Cyle. I will edit in a picture of my simlelf later.

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