homeless week 1

I have decided to start a new project one that does not require relying on the stability of a save. This will go through the life of a sim on normal life span. She will not get a job or have a home. Her lot will look more like a park. If the save she lives in crashes i will just keep going in a new save as if she relocated and drank some youth potion. The story will end when she dies hopefully from old age.

08-22-15_2-44 PM

Meet Jessica Eckstein a simself created by fellow simmer flolillyemma. She will be homeless through out. I will follow some of her whims so lets she where she takes us.

08-22-15_2-48 PM

Upon arriving in Willow Creek the welcome wagon arrived to meet Jessica. There was mortimer Goth and his lovely wife Bella. Bella even showed up with a plate of food. She stood and ate in front of Jessica. How rude.

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