getting to know each other

Emory chats with Baylee

Emory chats with Baylee

I left the household on auto for a while to see what they do. Little Emory grabbed something to eat and went to chat with Baylee. So far Baylee’s mean trait has not been an issue as she has been able to keep it under control.

kitchen chat

Vicki, Valerie, Amanda and Sarah gathered in the kitchen for a chat.

Emory plays dolls

Emory plays dolls

After Emory’s chat with Baylee she went to play with the dollhouse. She told the dolls about everyone in the house.

Vicki chats with Sarah

Vicki chats with Sarah

After everyone left the kitchen Vicki sat down to chat with Sarah.

Baylee draws

Emory draws

Emory was inspired for some reason so I had her drew a picture for her aspiration.

Amanda draws

Amanda draws

Amanda being the creative one decided to draw on her own. Its to bad she was not inspired.

Next time we will fill some whims and work on aspirations.

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