serenity elopes

01-17-15_10-32 PM

The morning after Serenity became a young adult she went for a swim. After her swim she had to go to the bathroom while she was in thee she realized it was a mess. Instead of cleaning it she decided to hire a reoccurring maid.

01-17-15_10-40 PM

After calling the maid service she showered and headed over to the Yuma Heights house. There she sat down for a game of chess with Steve and to chat with Brandon. I made a mistake in the last post as Brandon is in the plaid and Dylan is in the red.

01-17-15_10-43 PM

Serenity had the whim to hug someone from being happy so she decided to hug Brandon.

01-17-15_10-45 PM

She then went into the kitchen to chat with both Brandon and Dylan. There she learned that they were both single. So Serenity decided to try her hand at flirting.

01-17-15_10-47 PM 01-17-15_10-47 PM-2

Both guys were accepting of it and I thought for a minute that we  were going to have to vote on who Serenity would end up with. Eventually Dylan got tired of Serenity flirting with them both. After all she looked like she may be trying to land them both so he left the room leaving her and Brandon alone.

01-17-15_10-50 PM

Serenity continued chatting and flirting with Brandon.

01-17-15_10-51 PM 01-17-15_10-51 PM-2

Things moved very quickly for Serenity and Brandon and soon she moved in for a kiss.

01-17-15_10-55 PM

After the kiss they took a selfie together. Then Serenity put on her sexiest pose.

01-17-15_10-53 PM 01-17-15_10-53 PM-2

The pose must have worked well because Brandon took her to is room where they crawled under the covers for some woo hoo.

01-17-15_10-56 PM

Serenity really liked Bandon so she did not want to lose him to a one night stand so she asked him to be her boyfriend and proposed all in the same instance.

01-17-15_10-57 PM 01-17-15_10-58 PM

Brandon was in love at first sight so of course he said yes. Rather than have a wedding they decided to just elope after al Serenity has not even told the family about Brandon.

01-17-15_10-59 PM

After they were married they purchased a nice house in town for the two of them.

01-17-15_11-11 PM

Serenity and Brandon had some more woohoo. The next morning Serenity took a pregnancy test. They are expecting their first child. Serenity’s baby will not count as a foster child as I decided that all fosters will be raised in the hotel.

01-17-15_11-12 PM01-17-15_11-13 PM

Meanwhile back at the hotel Sarah heard about the shotgun wedding So Her and Mariah went to meet Brandon.

01-17-15_11-19 PM

When Sarah arrived back home she had a message from the orphanage informing her they were sending her a new foster child.

01-17-15_11-24 PM

Meet Myla Nunley a bookworm who wants to be an artistic prodigy. Since Sarah was busy with Myla Mariah baked a birthday cake for Keegan.

01-17-15_11-41 PM-2

Next time will Keegan and Cassandra find happiness or will he be with someone else?

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