serenity’s birthday

01-17-15_8-00 PM

On Serenity’s birthday she and Keegan headed over to the solar flare lounge. Serenity hoped to met a man to spend her life with while Keegan hoped to run into Cassandra. A they saw there were adults no teens or young adults.

01-17-15_8-07 PM

After striking it out at he solar flare Serenity headed over to the park. Here e saw that there were only adult males as well. Se decided t grab a book and read for awhile. Then she met this od lady Named Joycelyn and Cassandra.

01-17-15_8-09 PM

Serenity explained that she was having a hard time meeting any young adults in town. Joyelyn told her about some gallery sims moving into the house at Yuma Heights. They are all young adults.

01-17-15_8-18 PM-2

Cassandra just complained about Keegans constant flirting whenever they are together. Serenity told her how Keegan really liked her and hoped they would be married one day. Aft her chat with Cassandra she headed over to Yuma Heights to meet the new sims in town.

01-17-15_8-31 PM

First she met Donna Martin and Valerie Malone . Then she met David silver, Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders,  and Dylan Mckay. Finally she met Brenda and Brandon Walsh who happen to be twins.

01-17-15_8-33 PM

Donna is in the stripes Kelly the yellow and Valerie the black

Here she is chatting with Donna, Valerie , and Kelly.

01-17-15_8-35 PM

isnt Dylan just too cute

Before long she was surrounded by the guys.

01-17-15_8-35 PM-2

Dylan is in the plaid steve is in the Hawaiian shirt and Brandon is in the red

After meeting everyone she hurried home to blow out her candles officially becoming a young adult. She developed the family oriented trait.

01-17-15_9-05 PM

01-17-15_9-01 PM

This picture does not fit the chapter but Sarah painted granite falls.

Next time who will Serenity choose for her mate?

Can you guess which tv show the new sims in town came from?

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