Family time

Well Cathy Tea and friends  returned home right after the new years party was over because they had a lot of things to do.  The girls Isabel, Betsy, and Serenity have gone to meet Vern Robinson. They have some funny stories to tell. One of the stories was Isabel threw juice in Vern’s face.

Meanwhile back at home the family spent some quality time together just before the girls left for their adventure.

01-11-15_8-52 PM

They won a flying llama statue for having a silver costume party.

01-11-15_8-32 PM01-11-15_8-33 PM

With all the new years party planning I forgot it was Sarah and Mariah’s birthday. They aged up with the forgotten birthday moodlet. Sarah was painting at the time. She has painted four out of ten excellent paintings. Whenshe aged up she immediately gained 5 pounds so much for the lean potion.

01-11-15_8-37 PM01-11-15_8-49 PM

01-11-15_8-40 PM

Since Cassandra Goth was still hanging around Keegan decided to try and flirt with her but she would have none of it. noticed that she is like that only when Mortimer her father is around. I think it is because they seem to have a very close relationship I witness them chatting and hugging a lot.

01-11-15_8-45 PM

Since Casandra was not taking to Keegan today he decided to grab some food and sit by the pool with Eugi and another guy.

01-11-15_8-48 PM

Cassandra started dancing boy  has she got some moves. Eventually some other sims joined it.

01-11-15_8-43 PM-201-11-15_8-36 PM

When Cassandra was done dancing she sat down at the table with Sarah and Finn for a chat.

01-11-15_8-43 PM

01-11-15_8-39 PM

Betsy decided to go watch Isabel ad Eugi play bricbloc.  Serenity and Mariah had a nice chat on the bed about growing up as Serenity will be a young adult very soon.

01-11-15_8-42 PM

Most of the things in the photos were done by the family while they were on auto. They seem like a very close family.

Next time Serenity has a birthday party.

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