Happy new year

So we decided to have a party or to for the new year. Cathy Tea Emma Bennet, and Tani Snow decided to come. They rend a nice house right on our block for the night. When Keegan  found out they were in town he ran right over to introduce himself.

12-31-14_2-56 PM

Hi im Keegan

12-31-14_3-00 PM

ive hear so much about you Cathy

12-31-14_3-01 PM-2

hi emma

After meeting the ladies he explained that he had been busy during plum day with work and school and he was sorry he didn’t meet them then. He even offered to help with the dishes.

12-31-14_3-01 PM

I didn’t realize he was doing their dished when I had him introduce himself to Cathy Tea. After stacking up the dishes he invited them over for a house party.

12-31-14_3-14 PM

a little dancing

The caterer he hired, the mixologist. and the entertainer all forgot to show up.

12-31-14_3-20 PM


Mariah did get a chance to catch up with Cathy Tea and Emma .

12-31-14_3-17 PM

Isabel died he hair blonde for Vern Robinson’s party

12-31-14_3-25 PM12-31-14_3-26 PM

The party ended up being a bust with no medal earned. The kids had to go to school and Mariah somehow set herself and the grill on fire. Lukily  Mariah was okay but a bit singed. For two sisters that are usually very close I had to tell Sarah to extinguish her twice. Sarah’s first instinct was to run away.

12-31-14_3-26 PM-2

What do you do when your party fails you throw a costume party.
01-01-15_4-23 PM01-01-15_4-27 PM

Keean Mortimer Goth and Eugi all showed up as clowns.

01-01-15_4-26 PM-201-01-15_4-35 PM

Tani Isabel Cassandra Goth and this guy Paul all had the same idea and showed up as pizza delivery employees. Serenity was original and showed as the astronaut.

01-01-15_4-25 PM-2Finn came as a hot dog.

Cathy Tea Sarah and Mariah all dressed as themselves. I guess they felt they were wonderful without one.

01-01-15_4-27 PM-201-01-15_4-26 PM

Sarah and Cathy Tea had a bric bloc competition which Cathy Tea won fair and square. The grungy maid with the tofu head is Betsy. She won the best costume for her creativeness. Emma also showed u as a hot dog maid but at least she was clean..

01-01-15_4-28 PMThe caterer and the mixologist bit showed up.

All in all the second party was much better and we earned a silver medal. Thank you Cathy Tea Emma and Tani for coming it was great to see you again.

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