Keegan meets a girl

Today I decided to work on my sims aspirations so I sent Sarah to admire some art at the museum.

12-27-14_2-23 PM

wonderful art now im inspired

Then I sent her home to paint. Part of her aspiration is to  paint 10 excellent paintings and she has yet to paint the first one.

12-27-14_2-16 PM

She did however pint a good painting of Betsy. While she was painting I noticed that Eugi being the slob likes to sit and watch Tv all day.

12-26-14_2-43 PM

funny show

After Sarah was done painting I realized she may not be happy with the amount of weight she has gained si I had her and Mariah both drink lean potions.

12-26-14_2-30 PM12-26-14_2-32 PM

12-26-14_2-34 PM12-26-14_2-35 PM

Then I sent Keegan and  Eugi my party animals out to the park to meet sims. While Keegan was there he met this chick named Cassandra Goth. He was chatting and dancing with her.

12-28-14_12-15 PM

hey baby whats your name

Her father Mortimer is protective of his daughter like any father would do  he walked gave her a hug and startup a conversation with Keegan. Mortmer reminds me of the first time a boy asked me out and my ad said he had o meet him first of course the boy wouldn’t meet my dad. I was upset that I couldn’t go on this date but now I’m older and I understand what my dad was doing . trying to protect me from some boy who was up to no good.

12-28-14_12-18 PM

what are your intentions with my daughter

After Motimer walked away I had Keegan flirt with Cassandra they were both flirty so I sent them on a date to the solar flare lounge where both their moods changed to Keegan=inspired Cassandra =happy. They ended up with a bronze date but maybe their relationship  will develop more as they spend time together.

12-26-14_2-29 PM

Meanwhile back at home Isabel was checking her Email. First she had an email from Cathy tTea saying they would love to come to the family new years eve party. She also had an email from Robinson family inviting eligible teen girls to verns new years birthday party. She replied to and said that she serenity and betsy would love to go. The rest of te family will hold their own party here.

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