home from plum day

12-24-14_11-40 PM

The Nunley family returned home from plum day a couple of nights ago. They were all very happy to be home and were all excited because they met some wonderful sims. They met Cathy Tea and her roommates as well as the famous Robinson family. They even attended a black and white event.

They did return home to a few changes. The hotel had been restored back to the way it was when they first moved it. They will have to purchase all the items they had at a later date. Another change was the teen jobs. They no longer have a certain skill they have to learn they just have an ideal mood. This may make it easier for them to complete them in order to age up.

Sarah started painting again she painted a flirty portrait she calls breakfast.

12-25-14_2-48 PM

She also was feeling a bit confident so she painted a cat.

12-25-14_2-55 PM

After painting she sat down to email Cathy Tea. She wanted to thank her for having the family visit. She also wanted to invite Cathy Tea and friends to a new years party. Along with all the other wonderful Sims the family met.

12-26-14_11-00 AM-2

Have a good day simmers I going back to bed.

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