More teens

First off i would like to apologize for my slowness at updating this family.  I have been working 6 days a week, and driving my family everywhere. I refer to myself as the family taxi.

Next i would like to thank Cathytea for her help with my gameplay questions. We can now wear more than one outfit per catagory.

I have given the story a name Meet The Fosters.

12-07-14_5-23 PM

Serenity really enjoys talking to the other Foster kids

12-10-14_12-57 AM

12-07-14_5-45 PM

Serenity made tacos after reaching level 2 of the cooking skill

Serenity threw a birthday party for Finn.

12-07-14_5-49 PM

Hot dog head decided to grab some tacos

Finn aged into a teen. He got a job as a mixologist. So he has to reach level 2 of the mixology skill.

12-10-14_1-04 AM

how much should i pour

12-10-14_1-04 AM-2

now to mix this drink

The day after Finn aged up it was time for Isabel and Eugi to age up. Isabel went first. She aged into quite the beauty. upon becoming a teen she took a job in retail. She actually already eached level 2 of the charisma skill.

12-14-14_4-16 PM


Next up was Eugi. He was always a heavy set kid so it didn’t surprise me that he grew into a chubby teen. Since all the jubs were gone he decided to focus on school. Or maybe no one would hire him after he developed the slob trait.

12-14-14_4-29 PM

What are you fixing to eat

12-14-14_4-30 PM


During the party Eugi Decided to do a funny dance. After the party everyone was tired so the family uploaded themselves to the gallery under the hashtags legacyloves and plumday then went to bed.

Sleeping arrangements in the family are a but odd. I do miss being able to set bed ownership to my sims.

12-10-14_1-09 AM12-10-14_1-08 AM

I also miss the create a style tool. I uded to sit for hours designing my sims clothing and every simmers outfits fit their personalities.

good night simmers. If i dont get an update before Christmas i will definately get a few after. I have a week and half off from work then.

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