So now there are 3 teens and 3 children that will soon be teens. I decided that since there are 5 teen jobs they will each get a different job with one teen left over. So first off serenity took a job in fast food so she has to build her cooking skill.

12-03-14_12-53 AM

hope nobody saw that

First i had her cook macaroni and cheese one of my favorite foods. She dropper the salt shaker in the pot twice. Then i had her cook grilled cheese. This was to complicated for her as she dropped the sandwich on the stove then put it back in the pan causing a fire.

12-03-14_12-54 AM

burnt grilled cheese anyone

At least she had the good sense to back away before catching her own self on fire. The whole house gathered in the kitchen to panic. The sisters Sarah and Mariah put it out. After the fire I decided it was only salads for Serenity. After the fire the were granted enough money to pay the bills without the help of the town charity since it turned out they had the most expensive stove and fridge.

12-02-14_12-39 AM

ear wax anyone

As she was mixing the salad she wondered what else to add so she stuck he finger in her and pulled out some wax for her salad. At least she was only making a single serving.

12-03-14_12-52 AM

I hate dishes

When she was done with all that cooking she had to do the dishes but she reached her forst goal. She had to achieve level 2.

11-29-14_11-38 PM

Keegan with his goofy glasses

Keegan aged up and got a job as a lawn mower.

12-02-14_12-38 AM

His skill is gardening.

12-02-14_12-49 AM

Betsy aged up and took a job as a babysitter. Her skill is charisma.

12-03-14_12-50 AM

Betsy and Finn

First i had her chat with Finn to try and build her skill but it didn’t seem to work. I then had her buy some charisma books using the bookshelf.

12-03-14_1-33 AM

Watching her read was interesting her lips move like she is reading to the other kid.

12-03-14_1-13 AM

OH i worked to hard on my first day

Babysitting those kids was exausting as Betsy had an energy failure not once but twice.

12-03-14_1-16 AM

The second time was by the bed. But did she get into the bed no. Instead she walked down the hall to get in bed with Serenity.

12-03-14_1-19 AM

i didn’t want to sleep alone

Well I’m off to bed before i have a energy failure. Night all.

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