Isabel completes her aspiration

11-28-14_2-31 PM

insane guy

So i took Isabel to the park to befriend 5 children and 3 adults. She started talking to the insane sims who sleep on park benches. She literally met 2 sims wearing the same shirt with the insane trait.

11-28-14_2-37 PM

another insane

11-28-14_5-28 PM

After becoming friends with the 2 insane sims and Sarah she set out to befriend the 5 other children. She started in the house but quickly realized the sims that were adopted by Mariah like herself did not count towards her aspiration even after becoming friends with them. This bay be because the game considered them siblings. Those that were adopted by Sarah and considered cousins did though. Since all the 5 other kids did not count she started to chat up the kids in the park. Eventually she did completer her aspiration. Now to earn that A in school.

11-28-14_5-41 PM

the boys mom was flirty the whole time

11-28-14_9-30 PM some of the kids that Isabel befriended.

The game did a funny glitch. Since Isabel was off the home lot when school started it brought her home instead of school. I could not control her since she was technically at school.

11-28-14_9-47 PM

Isabel at school

11-28-14_5-59 PM

Serenity had her birthday party.

11-28-14_6-04 PM

FTS fat teen syndrome

Since Serenity is now a teen i will see if i can have her earn an A in school while maxing a teen job. I have a feeling we may have to either earn an A or do aspirations/jobs to age up the kids. It seems to be quite a challenge. It may be easier for a more experienced simmer though.

11-28-14_5-22 PM

Nap time after school. I miss being able to assign beds to my sims

2 thoughts on “Isabel completes her aspiration

  1. If you make each one sleep on a certain bed, they’ll go back to it by themselves. But it doesn’t seem to work if you click the button from the needs panel. This just made my kid go to his parents bed even though his mom was already sleeping there.

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