figuring things out

First off i would like to thank CathyTea for her help with the animal hats. I finally figured it out and man did i feel so dumb at how easy it was. I gave each child the energized owl and sent them off to school now all i have to do is get 2 of their shills to level 4 which we are working on. 11-27-14_11-44 PM

While the kids were at school Sarah painted some pictures to work on her aspiration. Maria bought a rocket ship and decided to build it.

11-27-14_11-47 PM

I figured out that if i dealt with one child at a time while allowing the rest to do as they wish it helps to keep their needs up. I also used some potions like instant fun and sleep replacement with Keegan. This made him happy and although he is wearing the inspired chicken hat he wasn’t inspired.

11-28-14_12-27 AM

Wonder what i can make

I had him mold some clay to get inspired to draw. He has six days before aging up so I’m worried that he wont complete his aspiration. But the first child to complete one will be the first in any of my save games so. I am sure that with some practice i will get good at it soon.

I had Serenity working on her aspiration she is step 2 now so she got to play bricbloc for 5 hours straight. She still has 5 to go.

11-28-14_12-25 AM

this is so much fun

11-28-14_12-46 AM


I have 3 social butterflies in the house all racing to complete their aspiration. Here Isabel is socializing with Mariah to get the option to become BFF.

11-28-14_12-48 AM

Isabel “will you be my bff” Mariah “sure”

With Isabel and Mariah becoming BFF forever this gives Isabel step 3 of the social butterfly.

Betsy is on step 2 of the whiz kid now with 4 days before teen status.

By the way i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

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