Child hood aspirations

11-26-14_12-54 AM

meet Isabel she rolled the outgoing trait with social butterfly

11-26-14_12-55 AM

meet Eugi he rolled the creative trait with social butterfly and he is a bit chunky better put this one on a diet

With no more babies in the house i am now able to focus on aspirations and school with the kids. Keeping their needs met is a challenge they seem to decay faster on ts4 then on ts3.

11-25-14_11-49 PM

Keegan passed out on his way home from school.

Getting homework done is an issue as everyone seems to be to uncomfortable when arriving home from school. Think i will stock up on potions and the first reward we are able to purchase will be steel bladders for all kids.

11-26-14_12-06 AM

I took the kids to the park to work on aspirations. Here Betsy is playing chess with Finn. She still needs 3 more games to complete the first milestone.

11-26-14_1-10 AM

When Isabel  and Eugi aged I had them go to the park to meet the 10 new sims i already had Finn there doing the same. All three completed to first milestone of social butterfly.

11-26-14_1-29 AM

After the kids got home i sent the tired ones to bed. Since Isabel’s energy bar was green i had her do those 20 funny interactions on Mariah.

11-26-14_1-32 AM

Betsy began working on those chess games with sarah. Finn went and got food from the kitchen and brought it all the way to the third floor.

At the moment all kids have a c in school.

Thanks CathyTea for the animal hat tips i put the inspired chicken on Keegan and when he wakes up i will have him draw his pictures. I also noticed Sarah used a lump of clay autonomously to get inspired to paint. I had Serenity tell some jokes to get playful so she could play on the jungle gym. She still needs to dance for 2 hours. I have a question about the animal hats i noticed all kids have inspired chicken but none of the others and the sisters Sarah and Mariah have the tiger and a sad party hat. but i didn’t see any others and the kids didn’t have the tiger. Do i have to unlock them somehow or am i doing something wrong.

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