needy children

Life with the fosters is a bit difficult. First there are the babies it seems my adults will auto coo at them but i have to tell them to feed them change them etc.

11-23-14_1-51 PM

11-23-14_10-16 PM

the babies need constant care

In my legacy i limit my babies to one at a time. Here i have three. Poor Sarah ended up being the one to take care of them the most since she seemed to be the only one who auto took care of her needs so they were mostly full. I ended up putting an easel in the room with the babies so she could paint while they slept although it seems one is particularly fussy.

11-23-14_1-53 PM

Keegan say shush

Another thing i noticed was when i tell someone to take care of the babies one of the kids is in the way. Here i told Keegan to draw on the art table. As you see he chooses to try and help with Eugi.

11-23-14_10-15 PM

While Sarah is busy with the babies Mariah is entertaining  the older kids. Here she gathered them to read. This actually helped with both hers and Betsy’s aspiration.

11-23-14_1-58 PM

I had Betsy and serenity play chess but either they didn’t finish the game or for some reason it didn’t count towards the five games Betsy needs to play. So i had her play with Sarah and it counted. I think Sarah won.

11-23-14_10-29 PM

homework time

Right after school i had the kids do their homework. I thought it was cute that they all studied together on their own. The only issue i had here was Betsy. Being the lazy sim she is i had to tell her three times. While the other two finished theirs  I’m not sure if she did.

As for getting my sims inspired, playful, energized anyone have any tips. Serenity has to do something while playful. I forgot what. Keegan has to draw while inspired and Sarah paint while inspired.

11-23-14_11-03 PM

Meet Finn he aspires to be a social butterfly while being lazy.

Finn aged up. I used pinstars trait generator and got a lazy social butterfly.

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