beginning a sims 4 foster child story

When the Hyperion Hotel ( created by nimohagoesto) came available in the gallery weeks ago i uploaded not knowing what i was going to do with it. It had three stories with lots of rooms and bathrooms. So i decided to use this as my foster facility. I created my adults in cas and adopted children/babies. I used the free real estate cheat to place them in the hotel will change some rooms later. I’m to tired right now. Here is a little back story for my household.

When sisters Sarah (the green sim) and Mariah (the blue sim) learned the Hyperion hotel was available in Oasis Springs they knew they had to have it for their foster facility. There was just one problem they couldn’t afford it with just 22,000 simoleons. They decided to talk to the community about their plans to foster at least 50 babies/children. They assured the community that they would provide a loving caring home for all of them no matter what their personality traits were. The community loved their idea and donated the home to them.

11-23-14_12-33 AM

Sarah Nunley aspiration painter extraordinaire traits creative family oriented art lover

11-23-14_12-33 AM-2

Mariah Nunley aspiration bbig happy family traits goofball neat family oriented

11-23-14_12-36 AM

first floor

11-23-14_12-36 AM-2

second floor

11-23-14_12-36 AM-3

third floor

After moving into the home they set out taking in foster children.  They each decided to take on three each. They decided to do both babies and children.

11-23-14_12-51 AM-2

Serenity wants to be a rambunctious scamp and has the music lover trait

11-23-14_12-51 AM

Betsy is lazy and wants to be a whiz kid

11-23-14_12-48 AM

Keegan is an art lover and wants to be a artistic prodigy

All of the child traits and aspirations came with the child as well as the names, The game is giving them the household last name Nunley. im not sure if i want to randomize this for future kids or leave it the same.

The babies are Finn Eugi and Isabel.

11-23-14_1-31 AM

Isabel is in the middle of the boys

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