new girls

I recently added a group of sisters from the gallery created by StephanieHH85. They are ghosts that died by steam. They are all cheerful.


Ella Twelbeck

Ella has the whiz kid aspiration. When doing homework she prefers to write on her book instead of in it.


homework time


Ida Twelbeck

Ida has the artistic prodigy aspiration.


Mona Twelbeck

Mona has the rambunctious scamp aspiration.


Elise Twelbeck

Elise has the social butterfly aspiration.

lots of playing

dear simmers I havnt had much energy to blog lately though I have been playing a lot. the nunleys have added 4 new fosters which I will update the foster list to accomidate them.  also sarah completed the gardening and grilled cheese aspiration. that one was really easy and fun to play. I may just complete all the aspirations in the game. Adalynn is a teen and a major  thief shes always swiping stuff wherever she goes.

the asylum is doing well although sandrina is constantly embarrassed from being discovered as an alien. when playing I follow scott to see what he does hes got some amazing dance moves. I wonder if real life scott does although he has a bad back. we are still working on out first aspiration.

the trulys were accidentally overwritten so I had to start them over.

I think that I would blog more if I had internet access at the house but with my depression its hard to get out of bed sometimes let alone venture out of the house.

have a great day simmers.

Sugar skulls

Recently Jasmine Holiday was in town with a challenge to collect sugar skulls. Before the Nunleys started collecting Adalynn decided to do her homework and work on some skills.


Enter a caption


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Dakota decided to work on programming after she aspires to be a tech guru.


Enter a caption

After that they household started asking sims dressed for the day of the dead celebration for sugar skulls.


Enter a caption


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They started in their neighborhood then they traveled to oasis springs park.


Enter a caption

Soon they had collected all of the different sugar skulls and Sarah was able to honor the dead.


meet the patients

This weekend I started an asylum challenge. I decided to play with the rules on medium. for my first post I am going to introduce you to the patients.

First there is the main character that I am going to be playing Charlotte Rousse.



Charlotte is a slob of a music lover who aspires to be a musical genius.

She lived in Bridgeport for a few years and when she moved back to Oasis Springs she tried to convince everyone that vampires were real.

Next there is Tobias Winters he was created by @Maladi.



Tobias is a gloomy good sim who aspires to be a musical genius. He has a theory called the Gingistic theory where he thinks red haired sims get ubducted by aliens more often.

Then there is Loren Kearns.



Loren was created by @Munter_Bacon. He is a self assured romantic guy who wishes to be a party animal. He doesn’t know if he was a pirate in a past life or his current one he just does what the voices tell him and they say he is a plant.

Next I have Scott Blum. Scott was created after one of my co-workers that I like a lot.



Scott is out going and good. He also works way to much because he loves money he just needs to relax a bit. He aspires to be a renaissance sim.


Sandrina Mayla was created after my sister Sandra.



Sandrina is a jealous childish alien. She tried to kill herself after a long time boyfriend left. Sandrina aspires to be a serial romantic.

Then there is Cotton Candy.



Cotton was created almost a year ago  when get together first came out. aShe has been in the gallery ever since which made her insane. she is a dance machine insider who wants to be leader of the pack.

Next there is Kristin Willis.



Kristin ran away from home as a teen due to differences at home. She aspires to be a city native. She is a hot headed bookworm.

Last there is Josephine Davis.



Josephine is gender confused. His parents named him Joseph but he changed it to Josephine and started wearing ladies clothes. He is a clumsy kleptomaniac wo wants to be chief of mischief.

on medium mode two sims can get a job but it has to be in the criminal career. I chose Josephine and Sandrina for these sims.

Planet sixam

One day Sarah traveled through a wormhole on her rocket 🚀. She arrived on a different planet called Sixam. There she met two aliens from Sims foster services who informed her they would be sending alien children for her to raise.

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Meanwhile back at home Dakota and Delilah were becoming young adults. After the party Delilah having completed her aspiration moved out.

Lyric went into labor and gave birth to Grayson. After Grayson was born Lyric completed her soulmate aspiration so she and her family moved in with Valerie and Eva.

Mariah also completed her aspiration to be a master chef she chose master mixologist for her new aspiration. She also does all the household repairs.


One day Sarah heard that Jasmine Holiday was coming to town so she headed over to the community garden to wait for her. While she was waiting she began searching for frogs.

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When Jasmine arrived she asked her about the growfruit challenge. Jasmine gave her a seed to plant and told her she had to grow a certain amount of fruit to unlock a special planter.

When Sarah arrived home she decided to analyze some plant slides while waiting for the growfruit tree to grow.

Meanwhile Adalynn grew into a kleptomaniac that aspires to be a social butterfly. The first thing she did upon aging up was grab a bowl of chips.

She took the chips to the table to sit with Lucas where he told her that Lyric was pregnant.

Good date bad date

First I would like to say that Mariah went to adopt a new girl and found that there were only boys in the orphanage. She went to Eliza Pancakes to see if she would like to adopt a couple of them. Eliza said yes and adopted Cedric and Ellis.

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This made room in the orphanage for Adalynn which Mariah quickly took home.

Part of Lyrics aspiration is to go on 3 gold dates with her spouse. They decided to go to the bluffs.

There wasn’t much to see but they did find a bonfire.

They also saw a bush with heart flowers that they decided to have a little fun in.

After that Lyric grabbed Lucas and kissed him passionately.

Then they found some seats near the pool to chat just before the date ended with gold status.

For their second date they headed to the von haunt estate.

Lucas found a couple of knights to chat with along with a pretty girl. Turns out the grey knight is his brother Wolfgang or Spike as I call him.

Lyric found a group of guys to chat with. She even decided to flirt with Geoffrey. The other guy was shocked to see 2 married people flirting.

After that she decided to read the signs on the exhibits around the mansion. She was amazed at what they said. Haunted no one living should sleep in the beds there. What did that mean? But then during a chess game with a knight she turned to see the ghost of Mimsy standing behind her.

Having never seen a ghost before she asked her to play a game of chess. Mimsy was kind and they even chatted about woohoo. Lyric told her about the bush and Mimsy told her about a rocket ship with her husband.

Soon they were surrounded by spectators for no one really believed the mansion was haunted.


Baylee decided it was time to marry Spike. She invited a few close friends to the garden of love built by JamieSara22.

wedding 1


There was Emory, Vicki, Delilah, Lucas, Valerie, and of course Sugar.

wedding 2 .jpg


Sugar immediately went to the piano to play the wedding march.

wedding 3


Baylee and Spike stood under the arch to wait for the guests to be seated.

wedding 4

new home

After the wedding Baylee moved in with Spike and his Family. Turns out he lives with his mother and 2 brother.

wedding 5

woo hoo

They decided to try for a baby.

wedding 6

cow plant

Meanwhile back on the home lot Amanda tried to feed the cow plant. The plant refused to eat and later died.

wedding 7.jpg


Delilah took to talking to herself in the mirror. She has already completed her aspiration and is currently working to get an A in school.

wedding 8


Lyric was not to happy that she was not invited to the wedding.

wedding 9


Gianna came to visit and Sarah tried to blend with her.

wedding 10


Then Sarah tried to blend with Dakota. I love this glitch I hope it never gets fixed.

wedding 11


A few days after Baylee was wed she gave birth to Joyce. She quickly aged her up.

wedding 12


Lyric had Lucas over to discuss weather they wanted to get married or not.

wedding 13


Lucas decided it was time to age up so he and Lyric could get married.

wedding 14.jpg


Lyric proposed to Lucas who of course said yes.

wedding 15


They stepped out onto the porch where they decided to elope. Lucas moved in with the household until Lyric completes her aspiration.

Amanda and Emory have finally completed their aspirations and have moved o Oakenstead with Vicki.

Have a great day simmers.

running a business

The day before Baylee Married Spike the household decided to try and run a business. They purchased a store crudely built by Simlady36 called simsmart.

store 1

watching a movie

Simlady36 decided to put a movie theater in the store. Everyone watched movies all day so the family decided to set the chairs and screen for sale.

store 2 .jpg

coffee shop

The next thing the household did was hire a bistro to run the coffee shop.

store 3

hiring an employee

When Baylee’s movie was over she decided it was time to hire an employee to help with the store. Gianna Carlson was the first applicant so she was hired. Gianna is also one of the regular customers.

store 4

ringing up a sale

Not only was Gianna our first applicant she was our first customer. She bought one of the gnomes.

store 5

more customers

After Gianna left the store became busy. This guy is purchasing a coat rack.

store 6


When Baylee got a minute to take a break she sat down to watch a movie with a ice cream cone.

store 7


After her break things got very busy. She had a very hard time answering questions and ringing up sales and Gianna hadn’t yet started work.

store 8

new day

The next day it was Emory and Amanda’s turn to run the store. Te first thing Emory did was take inventory.

store 9


Then Emory restocked all the items that were sold. Then she hired Sugar to run the coffee shop.

store 10

lazy employee

That Gianna started work. She watched movies instead of working. We finally figured out how to give her some tasks to perform.

store 11


We told Gianna to clean the store.

store 12

movie time

Later Emory sat down with the customers to watch a movie. Amanda brought some paintings from home to sell in the store and they are very popular.

Have a great day simmers.